Hiiiiiyaaaa people.  I love you guys so much that I’m sitting here in my bandage, all bruised and battered (from surgery), just long enough to write this post though, and then it’s back to the bed and TV :)

Remember that Instagram Pic of mine you guys all liked a while back? The one featuring these amaze -balls crochet pants..? Well they’re back for the Win!

Insert: The Beach Pant

Back in May, I mentioned to my mom that I really, really wanted a white crochet pair of pants for the beach.  Well, moms being moms, by my next visit to CT she had those pants for me! She found them at TJ Maxx, and the brand is actually unknown.  An unmarked, mystery pant priced at $19.99.  SOLD.  I can still help you out a little bit though – I’ve seen great wide-legged beach pants at Urban Outfitter, Yellow Rat Bastard in NYC (they sell surf brands like Roxy), and H&M.

As you guys know, I have been loving UP on these pants this summer.  They’re just too darn cool.

This outfit is perfect for the end of the beach day when you want to throw clothes on but still be “beachy”.

Paired with my Saha Swimwear bikini and a ballerina-style top I found in the sale section of Urban Outfitter.

OR just rock the pants on their own ;)

Let me know how your quest for the perfect Beach Pant goes!



Photography: JJ Durrand, Hello Me Films