Heyo. Happy Friday.  So I was this close to not using these pics for today’s post because I’m sure you’re sick of this outfit by now! On Tuesday to promote my Fashables post I put these pics on Facebook, Twitter, Insta..you name it.  But I decided to go with the post because I think it’s important for me to explain how I came about this outfit.

 Thanks to my girl Danielle for commenting on the pic I posted on FB; she reminded me that many shorter girls (like ME) stay away from Maxi skirts for fear of the “Shortening affect”.  Here’s how to work the Maxi…

1.  Be sure the skirt sits on your waist and not your hips.  When it’s pulled up to the waist it creates the illusion that everything below is just legs for days.

2.  Pair with a top that takes focus away from the skirt.  In this pic, I don’t think the Maxi skirt is the main focus.  I think the focus is the shoulder-hole detailing on the top.  There’s just enough going on here that the outfit is sexy, functional and showing skin in all the right places.

3.  Wear with SKY HIGH heels.  This, D, is where I see your fear.  If a shorty wears a maxi in flats, you kinda look at her like “awwww you shrimp”.  If a shorty wears a maxi paired with 5 inch heels, the look is all of a sudden lengthened, sexified and slimmed.

Keep these in mind when wearing your Maxi and send me a pic of your look! @TheFitGirlsDish


Photography by Ryan Shell