Hey dudes! August just started, but it feels like we’ve only got a handful of good beach days left.  Somehow I always feel like I “take it easy” in June and July, but August I’m already getting back to the work grind – making my summer feel short.  Womp Womp.  Anyway, most of my bathing suit days this summer have been covered up by cut-off shorts and muscle tees.  I finally realized it was time to go shopping for some more appropriate layers.  Insert: The Perfect Coverup

Obviously the back on this puppy is what really gets me.  I LOVE white crochet in the summertime (umm, obvi)

..And the blue and white funky graphic make it that much cooler.

The red hat I love for a bit of contrast.  Two pieces, so simple.  Beach life is the simple life, right?

Dress: Urban Outfitters

Hat: $1 at the Dollar Store (Baaaaabe on a budget)

Photog: JJ Durand