Hellllooooo friends.  And welcome back to Fashion Friday.  So, for those of you that don’t know me too well or for too long, I’ve been a dancer my whole life.  I may not dance competitively anymore, but it’s still a part of me  - I dance any chance I get in my gym’s empty studio and every song I listen to while I’m walking the streets of NYC with my giant headphones on is accompanied by a dance in my head.  Music and dance are everything to me.  They present me with the same opportunity that fashion and styling does: showcasing my personality.  Since I moved to NYC 4 years ago, I wouldn’t say my style has changed much, but maybe enhanced a little bit.  I’ve got inspiration surrounding me 24/7.  Motivation to just let my style that day affect my mood, whatever it may happen to be that day.  Sometimes I dress urban, sometimes I dress edgy, sometimes I dress flirty, and sometimes I’m dressed to just kick it, dance and listen to music through great headphones.


Hat: H&M

Shirt: Forever 21

Shorts: Urban Outfitters

Shoes: Puma

Headphones: Frends Taylor

 Bracelets: Alex and Ani, Dollielinks

 Photography: Chloe Improta