Hey there! Happy first day of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and Fashion’s Night out!  This is a big day and an even bigger night here in NYC! Lately I suck so badly at taking days off work for important things, so of COURSE I will be at the bar tonight! Such a shame, but maybe I will partake in some after-parties.  I can still remember my first Fashion’s Night Out..actually, THE first Fashion’s Night out back in 2009..

I hung out at Sak’s Fifth Ave, Bergdorf’s, Versace, Deisel…all the good spots on 5th avenue.  I can still remember the excitement in the air – I was 19, had just moved to NYC and the whole city was one giant boozed up shopping spree.  It was truly amazing.  I had the chance to talk to Bobbi Brown (above), Christian Siriano, Shoshanna, Christian Cota, and the designer of Young, Fabulous and Broke – whose name I can’t remember now but at the time went up to her like “omg you’re the designer of YFB, aren’t you?!”

Zac Posen just hannngging outside of Bergie’s!  Amanda was pretty psyched about this one.  Haha.

For Fashion Week that year I had the opportunity to dress models at a few of the shows, as well as attend a few.  My ONLY goal that year was to get into William Rast (Justin TImberlake’s label), as I was obsessed at the time and rocking their shizz all over the city.  Well – MISSION ACCOMPLISHED with even an invite to the after party..Shwing!

There’s JT after the runway show..no big.

After party – helllloooo – special performance by JT himself? My 19 year old dream.

Me wearing William Rast AT William Rast ;) hehe

The Blonds was also a favorite show of mine that year…

..Where I took many paparazzi style pics.  Jay Miles of ANTM and Patricia Fields, stylist for SATC.

Flash forward to 2010…

Damn my picture-taking skills have improved…ha.

New Jerz housewives at Bloomingdale’s..

Michael Kors

Ma lady

Presentation at Sak’s

And last year I have ZERO pics from!

To any who are attending, HAVE FUN and let me know of any sweet after parties! Hope you enjoyed my pics..I had to go deep into the depths of Facebook to find them.