Ohh, the first date.  You’re excited, you’re a little nervous, and you also have no idea what the heck to wear.  Picking an outfit for a first date can be challenging, especially since guys can be so dang confusing! Should you sex it up or will he think you’re trying too hard? Should you be super casual or will he think you aren’t into him enough to put legit effort in? I can’t tell you how many first dates I went on where I completely dumbed down my fashion sense in the fear that my trendiness would send him packing (I stopped doing that at some point).  You want to make sure you give off the right vibe, so I say go with something pretty, flattering and simple.

The cut of this dress is not only adorable but also very flattering, because of the change in direction of stripes along the hip area.  I threw my messy beach waves into an easy ponytail and kept the eye makeup bronzy with a pop of color on the lips.

These shoes are wedged but not disturbingly high so as to prevent me from walking like the lady that I am ;)  Functional but also very cute.

Shoes are Payless, by the way! #babeonabudget

The only jewelry worn here is a ring on my middle finger and a pretty metallic bracelet.  Try to keep your jewelry from being too distracting (to either of you!).  You don’t want the guy to be staring at your neon colored necklace the whole time, and you don’t want to be fidgeting with your jewelry either (totally guilty of playing with my earrings when I’m nervous).

Now, obviously I’ve got an outdoor sunset dinner on the mind when I’m wearing this – if you’re going bowling for a first date you may want to reconsider this outfit :)

Photos Raven Adams