One thing I’m seriously digging about fashion these days is the “athleisure” trend.  Fitness fashion that is functional and practical enough to get your sweat on, and then get on with your day.  You guys know this is one of my favorite aspects of Pure Barre.  I can go take barre class and then carry on with errands, lunch plans, etc.  More than once I have gone straight from Pure Barre to a restaurant in my stylist mesh pants! Luckily, this trend is here to stay.  Dressing casually is generally more accepted these days, so bring on the trendy sneakers and cool pants the rest of this Winter and into Spring.  I know that some people can’t justify spending a lot of money on workout clothes, but thats just the point – they’re not just workout clothes! The moto leggings pictured below are just as good for the bar as they are for the barre, so in actuality you’re getting some bang for your buck! But don’t worry, I’ve linked some super affordable clothes (under $15!) below as well if that’s more your jam.  Happy Shopping!