Ahhh! This Autumn in NYC has been truly amazing.  We have been so lucky with this weather! I can’t even believe we’re midway into October already.  I feel like such a broken record on the blog sometimes, because I feel like alllllllll I talk about is the weather.  But for New Yorkers, the weather can make or break our plans and our mood since we rely on foot and mass transit to get everywhere.  I’ve said this year after year, but October is my favorite month.  Foliage, the fashion (laaaayers!), pumpkin erry-thang, farmers markets, horror movies, my birthday, and Halloween!  Make sure you get out there and enjoy it while you can.

I took this pic on my morning walk to the subway.  I was half-asleep and all of  a sudden looked up from my phone like “Woah!”.  Had to take a snap of this gorgeous setting.

Since I work in Union Square, there’s always an opportunity to walk through the Farmer’s Market!

Hocus Pocus, protein banana & cinnamon chip muffins, and Pinot Noir..  PERFECT.  NIGHT.

Yet another reason to love October: wearing this cashmere wrap over everything.  No jacket needed, but it can get chilly from time to time.  And when it does, this shawl becomes a life-saver!

So versatile! Basically, you are wearing a blanket out in public, but nobody can give you crap about it because it looks CHIC. Heyo!

I always forget how absolutely adorable Little Italy is! It’s crazy how I can go months without visiting a certain neighborhood in NYC.  So glad I got to wander through these streets the other day.

Enjoy your day!