I had the best day ever yesterday with Chloe’.  Anyone who knows her, knows that shopping and girly things have had no place on her fun things to do list.  In the past, she’s asked me to just shop for her and she’ll wear whatever.  Oh that’s fun.

Not anymore.  Over the last year, Klo has become an online shopping monster, comparing all the various sites to be sure she gets the best deal on her duds.  She’s been styling her hair with the most beautiful beach waves, dabbling with makeup and  stocking up on nail polish.  Hallelujah!

It’s no secret that I like to be pampered.  I do get a lot of slack from my fam on this, eh.  No, I’m not in that upper echelon of people that can afford to do that on the reg, but I work hard, very hard.  And so, any chance I get, I’m going to splurge.  The caveat is that my newly created monster thinks she should be included in these adventures :)

Well, include her I did.  I had a hair appointment yesterday at the Frederic Fekkai salon in Greenwich.  Klo hasn’t had a haircut in a year, so I thought I’d splurge and bring her with me.  It was worth every penny.  Klo was complimented on her dress as we walked in, secretly I think that put her in full on girly mode.  It was so cute to see her getting pampered with her favorite cappuccino in hand.

After hair, we decide to stroll the shops in the town and grab some lunch.  A salesperson at Sephora recommended a place down the street.  As we made our way to our lunch spot, Klo eyed an Italian bistro across the street from our destination that looked like it belonged in Little Italy.  We checked both menus.  As I turned to  Klo to see what she wanted to do, I took one look into those big puppy dog eyes of hers and knew we were going to the upscale restaurant.  Oh well, in my mind it’s her day.  So worth it.  Fresh everything.  We split a bowl of mussels, Klo had handmade butternut squash ravioli and I had Grouper with pink peppercorns and orange glaze.  Of course no Italian meal is complete without splitting tiramisu and espresso.  As you can see, we were part of the “clean plate” club.  Av, you’re not alone!

Onto the shopping.  Man, it’s such a different environment there.  Teens walking around buying designer things like they’re at Target and uber attentive sales people acting like they’re your personal shopper.

We stop at Intermix.  I remembered this store from a trip Ava and I took to Manhattan a few years earlier.  It’s where I saw my first Herve Leger!  At first, Klo was taken aback by the prices, but then she caved.  Ha, this was my moment of validation.  I love a good deal at Target, but there is something so luxurious about designer clothing.  The look and the feel are unrivaled.  As Chloe fondled all the clothes, she decided she had to try some on because they just felt too good not to.  As I waited, I tried on a leather jacket.  OMG, I wanted to run out of the store with it and never take it off.  To say it felt like butter is an understatement.  I’ve been dreaming about it ever since, scheming of ways to get it into my possession.  Needless to say at $1240 it did not come home with me.   I did buy Klo the dress tho.  Original price $595, sale price $159….score!

As we made our way back to the car, we meandered in and out of the various shops.  At Sax Chloe held her first Celine bag.  The sales woman started to unchain it, I said oh no, we’re not buying that, but thank you.   Hello at $2400.  Ever so politely, the woman told Chloe to call her dad.  Yeah, right!  Again, a different world.  After another deal at Tory Burch, my wallet was telling me to get to the car!

We spent 6 hours there that felt like 30 minutes and had the best time.  We laughed, we ate, we talked, we bonded over dreaming of the finer things in life.  What better way to spend the day being a girl than with your daughter?

Thanks Klo!