Whaaaatup, Indian Summer?! I love summer.  I love Fall.  The only thing I could love more is their love child, Indian Summer.  You can gallivant around the city and avoid either sweating your butt off or freezing your face off.  It’s perfect.  This is the best time to start introducing some Fall add-ons to our outfits.  Switch the shorts out for jeans, switch the sandals out for booties, and don’t forget to layer over a tank top! The thing with these Indian Summers is it can go from being HOT in the sun to being chilly as heck in the later hours.  If you’re out for the day, you’ve gotta be prepared.

Be cool, fool.

We know I love me some muscle tees.  This adorable “be cool” tank still has that lived-in summer feel, and it’s layered over an even more adorable bra-lette – one that covers all the goodies (wait, do I have goodies?!).

Find jeans that are high-waisted, cuffed and ripped and you’ve got yourself a recipe for success.

These boots I got at BURLINGTON COAT FACTORY.  Yeah girl, you heard me right.  I stumbled into this store on my way into Target.  These are Madden Girl and they were marked down to $15.  Can I get a high five for the Babe on a Budget?!

Alright, next up is the layer part.  I wouldn’t say its time for a sweater yet, and I’m sure you agree.  Instead it’s time to put on a light jacket  or a button-down shirt.  I’m pretty sure this one qualifies as both.

This jacket is almost sentimental to me, because when I was going to college in Manhattan and I was BOH (broke as hell) I would walk into Zara by Bryant Park on my lunch break everrrrryday and ogle the clothes.  Finally, I decided I just HAD to have this jacket.  It was so me.  It just had that laid-back-cool-vibe to it that I love to see in my wardrobe.  It was $40.  What a splurge for the ramen-eating NYC girl, I tell you.

Cute shoulder detail.

Who do I think I am, Sandy?!  Just waiting for my Danny Zucko, that’s all.

Photos: Chloe Improta

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