Keep it simple stupid.

Brash statement? Maybe.  But everyday when I’m getting ready for the day, this is what I tell myself.  The point is to look like there was no effort involved in looking “this good”, right? Sometimes I end up piling on all of my favorite jewelry only to take half of it off before actually leaving the door.  When an outfit is too busy, it just looks dumb..ya dig?

Keep it simple with a crisp white Tee and cut-off shorts in the summer.  Paired with a tan? Daaayum, girl.

I’ve got very few key pieces to take this outfit from super simple to a little-something-extra.  A pair of dope ass headphones, a brown leather belt, Ray ban aviators (R.I.P), a gold Guess watch, a long necklace with a pop of color, and some rings.

It just does not get anymore summer-chic than a white tee and denim!

Or you can ditch the headphones and throw an adorable scarf like this one (dude, starfish scarf!) over your shoulders for an easy, lived-in look.

Sandals that are perfect for day-time but also give shorties like me a little boost.

 So that’s it, mama.  While you’re getting ready in the AM, take a hard look in the mirror and tell yourself the new mantra, “Keep it simple stupid”.

Have a great weekend!! Friday yiiiiipppeee.



Photos Raven Adams