Oh, Winter.

Cold.  Painful.  Depressing.  Sure, the snow is pretty and sure, I’m loving all of the extra time for cuddling and attempting to bake cookies; but I’m also feeling pale and dry and for lack of a better word, “gross”.  This is that lovely time of year where the temps are so low that all concerns for looking cute go out the window, and all concerns for ninja-style bundling up become first priority.  However, this doesn’t mean that when the layers come off you can’t look a little hot!  This is my pick for Valentine’s Day, however this look can work all through February and March, until we’re ready to brighten things up for Spring.  Too much skin showing south of the thighs? Add tights and a super high pair of black booties to keep the look sexy but practical for Winter.

I have my hair in a loose and messy bun to keep with the romantic feel of the lace, and bright pink lips to add some contrast to the outfit.  The accents in the accessories are Gold, as I just feel Gold goes a little bit better with black.

Do you guys have any exciting plans for the weekend? I’ve got one last morning shift at Pure Barre and then I took the whole weekend off for festivities! I just hope this cold I feel coming on STAYS AWAY.

Below are my favorite lace looks/skirt and top combos for you to shop the post.

Have a great weekend, and Happy Valentine’s Day!