Heeey there! Just popping in quickly with some Living Room Inspo featuring photos from my mom’s house! Umm, what’s the saying – “Like mother, like daughter?”  When I finally came to see this house after all of my mom’s redecorating (she did nearly every room in the house, and this is just one of them!), I almost laughed at how this is my IDEAL living room decor.  You guys know that I have mentioned before how much I am iiitching to get my own place again (currently in an NYC apt with a million roommates), and that is for the simple fact that I want to design my own digs.  I 100% don’t mind roommates, but I just can’t wait to have a place of my very own, jazzed up my way.    I adore gray, creme and other neutral tones to create the coziest home environment.  In fact, my bedroom is a mix of all these colors.  Navy blue rug, huge fluffy white comforter, gray & white pillows, baby blue & gray throw blankets & sheets..so in essence, this exact color story!

I mean…the cutest pups, the cutest mom, the comfiest couch.  Does it get any better?


Oh yea, and excellent wine to top it all off.

And directly off the living room and dining room, this fantastic deck!

Unfortunately, since I did not design the room myself I can’t give you shopping details.  Not that I could anyway – momma Steph completely custom-designed the entire room.  Every little aspect.  Even the couches!

BTW, my mom has never spent any time in her life on Pinterest.  Some people just have a knack for interior decor! Is this not the coziest living room, or what?!

Have a great day!