Hey dudes! Fashion Friday here.  Today is a quick one, as I’ve attempted to do this post 3 times so far only for it NOT to save.  Helllloooo, who has time for these things?!  So here we go, 4 Must Have Hats.  Wear one of these when you feel like your outfit totally sucks; Trust me, it’ll make up for it.

1.  The Porkpie.  Does this hat keep your head warm? Nope.  Wear it on a sunny day and compensate for it with warm gloves.  Does it have that Too Cool For School effect? Yes.  Buy one!

2.  The Ear Warmer.  Ok, so this doesn’t technically count as a hat, but it does do double duty in being adorable and providing warmth for your head.  Ever see these with huge flowers on them? Buy one! No one can give you a hard time for wearing a flower on your head when it’s protecting your wittle ears.

3.  The beanie.  Ah, another effortlessly cool hat.  Everyone can rock these, I don’t care what you say.  These can be so fun.

4.  The FLOP.  Obviously I am a fan.  Again, doesn’t do much for warmth but when you wear one people will be saying “Damn, that’s a classy broad”.

Well, that’s it! I told you, had to be quick.  Good luck finding these stylish duds!



Must Have Hats


Must Have Hats by avaimprota featuring a porkpie hat

Porkpie hat

Marled Knot Earwarmer

Wool hat