Hard fact: Fun workout clothes make the act of working out more fun.  I can remember even a year ago, when I was doing the “traditional” gym training, I’d go to the gym in a ratty t-shirt and shorts, get all sweaty, then have to run home and shower.  The whole ordeal was a lengthy process.  These days, I feel like workouts such as barre and yoga are SO popular amongst New Yorkers because sweating is minimal, and the clothes are unbelievably comfortable and stylish that after a quick clean-up in the bathroom, you’re off to a green-juice date with a girlfriend! No outfit change necessary.  These pants are the comfiest in the world (I just got them from Pure Barre in blue too!), and if there’s one thing I’ve loved since the first time I got my own paycheck at 16, it’s a witty tank top.

These pants are a Magenta, making it the perfect color for Fall.  I’m telling you guys, these things feel like butter.  I could live in them, no questions asked.  Worth the extra couple bucks.  Click for similar looks below!

Pants are Beyond Yoga, sports bra Splits 59, tank top via Socially Fab.

And just for some more glimpses from my cozy weekend,

The little dirt devil taking a nap.  That’s exactly what he was last weekend, a DEVIL.

And this beautiful new guy!  Maybe that’s why Toby is being such a jerk, we all can’t help fawning over this happy stud.

Ha.  He’s the perfect backdrop for my cozy wine-glass session on the couch! (Pants Necessary Clothing)

You can find me on the hammock for my morning coffee, and for my post-beach relaxation.

My adorable little guest room! This bed is heaven – I wish I could transport it back and forth to my NYC apartment!

Have a great Friday!