Hola Amigas! So I have spent some time on Style.com perusing the latest fashion shows, and while I have to admit I am not floored by much yet (it’s still early on), I was absolutely wowed by a few looks.  Wowed as in – you are delicious and I want you on my body.  Yeah, the good stuff.

3.1 Philip Lim

 This anorak jacket is a muuuuust have.

Amazing, Just amazing.  Feminine but edgy.


Wes Gordon

Loving this outfit, head to toe.

OK REALLY!? 70′s, mod..fabulous.  I have a great idea – let’s have something GREAT happen for The Fit Girls Dish, throw a launch party, and let me wear this outfit to the event.  Sound good?

I need this outfit that I cannot afford, and I need to go somewhere fantastic.  Right this minute.  So, so sexy cool.

One word: TEXTURE.  Taking boring black and weight to new heights – pay attention to the frill of these pants! I dig it.

My fashion appetite is temporarily satisfied <3