Oh Fashion Week.  One of those weeks in New York where the air is exciting and the paparazzi are even crazier than usual.  I haven’t actually attended a NYFW show since my college days (nuts! I usually end up working a show), and it felt good to be in the audience again and not backstage having a nervous breakdown while helping models get changed into their next look (try being 5’2 and helping a 6′ glamazon get dressed).  Thanks to my friend Lindsay who was an assistant stylist in the show, I had a pretty snazzy seat at the Katya Leonovich show in Lincoln Center.

WWD lounge with club music and swanky people.

Arrived 15 minutes early, which in Fashion World is as good as 2 hours early..since EVERYTHING starts late.

I always love checking out the press box.  It’s usually an area that I feel like nobody bothers paying attention to, but often has the most action.

As the show got underway, the energy really kicked up.  The music, the flashing lights..I started to get that rush of excitement that I haven’t felt in years at a fashion-related event.  BTW, Check out demmmmm boots.  Love them.  Need them.

Very ethereal feeling to me.  I like it.

Loved the runway as it gave everyone a great view.  The models did laps around the entire space.

If you haven’t attended NYFW show yet, make it your life’s work to get an invite.  It’s just one of those things you’ve gotta do once, or multiple times if you’re lucky :)