Good Morning!  This blog is an ode to every female that grapples with the idea that you have to have long hair to be hot….it’s terrible!

Over my years I’ve had it all, a super short “Halle Berry” pixie (before she made if famous BTW), to the middle of my back.  It really is silly if you think about the way I think of hair, but please tell me I’m not alone.  Over the last 2 years I’ve let my hair grow because being in my early 40′s I got to thinking that I must be coming up to the age when long hair is just an old lady trying to be young.  There have been great moments and I emphasize moments, where I thought my hair looked amazing, but that came at a huge time cost.  Everyone that knows and loves me knows that time is never on my side.  Most of my hair styles consist of a clip or a ponytail, this makes me feel disheveled and not confident at all.  It makes perfect sense when you’re running out the door at 5am, not so much when you enter the real world in the afternoon.

Recently I’ve noticed a little “hair envy” and it’s all short hair.  Of course most of what I’ve heard is not to cut it, luckily I listen to advice, but I always make my own decision.  Hair appointment made, I considered going short in stages so I could have a few styles along the way, nah.  Looking at my style of choice today, I’m all in.

My hair dresser is psyched (love you Danielle!) and solidifies my decision.  Off it comes, OMG I love it.  With every cut it’s better and better.  I feel my confidence coming back, yeah.  She certainly styled it like a hairdresser would, perfectly coiffed, not really me.

Good news is, I didn’t sleep on my hair and I woke up looking better than I did last night.

Now I’m off to shower and funk it up, I can’t wait to play with it.  It’s long enough to still give a curl, short enough to slick back behind my ears.  None of these styles should take more than 15 minutes.  I may be older, but I’m fun at heart.  I can’t wait to wear cool headbands & sparkly barrettes, yes I am going to do that.

Oh and I forgot to tell you that as soon as I pulled up to work everyone happened to be sitting outside, Mark ran up to the car to see my hair, telling the story to his new friend of my cutting of the locks.  So what do I hear from  his new friend whom I’ve never met?  Your haircut is nice, but there’s nothing like a girl with long hair.  Maybe I’m not so crazy, it’s the guys.