Hey guys, Ava here! So since I have been SUCKING so badly at keeping up with posts (hey, it’s not all my fault – been doing a lot of commuting without a laptop, prepping for a trip to Mexico, AND packing for another apartment move), we’ve got a fun guest post thrown in the mix so that you can still get your fashion fix! See what I did there? ;)  

On Trend for 2014: Spring Patterns & Prints

Guest Post by Anna Newell

This spring, the typical sweet trends – from pastel-colored apparel and French manicures to dainty silver stackable rings – are being traded in for pieces that are bigger, badder and bolder. To keep with the curve, volume is a necessity and confidence is key; both can be achieved through the use of innovative patterns and prints, inspired by the season’s dramatically popular runway looks.

1. Amp up your animal prints – Stripes and spots will always assist in pulling off outfits that are a mix of edgy and sophisticated. Instead of commonplace orange and black markings, we’re vying for accessories and apparel where the cat is truly King of the ensemble. Grab a fierce, tiger-faced Anuschka tote from ShopHQ, a loud top, or pair of shorts, like these bird and elephant picks from CiChic, where the animal body itself is the print for a motif that’s way more visually exciting than your Grandma’s hipster cat sweater.

Source: Love Culture

2. Use colors as a pattern – The name of the game in 2014 is colorblocking; so if mixing and matching busy patterns isn’t your forte, you can style with a whole outfit full of solid, bright colors. Whether you’re layering with an oversized, wide striped sweater or stepping out in a colorblock dress from Nordstrom, opt for a stark contrast by pairing your apparel with statement jewelry and a vibrant pair of shoes!

Source: Nasty Gal

3. Blur the lines – With the ombre obsession still fully in session, it’s no surprise that abstract color blurring and water color techniques made a mark during both New York and Paris Fashion Week. These designs (and sometimes lackthereof) mix the quintessential softness and nature aspect of springtime and turn it into a unique art form. Give new life to the floral trend with a watercolor print blazer or dress from ASOS, or paint the scene with a watercolor portrait, landscape or scene. Whatever you choose, it’s guaranteed to grab attention!

Source: Forever 21

 How will you wear these fantastic trends?!