Guys….GUYS.  I failed you.  Here I am with intentions of showing off a cute outfit and instead what I deliver is a wrinkled t-shirt and an impromptu photo shoot with a pup I swiped up while it was on it’s afternoon walk.  Raven and I just couldn’t get over this dog’s pumped up kicks, though.

Seriously, is this doggy swag or what?

I don’t blame you for wanting shoes, dog.  These streets are dirt-ay.

You’ve seen this Adidas thrift tee before (a whopping $3.00!), and it’s paired with a floral American Eagle hat, red white & blue shorts from NC, Nike sneaker wedges (wait, Adidas and Nike in the same outfit?!), and aviator Ray Bans.

Jewelry is minimal, because ain’t nobody got time for that.


Just a fun little get-up for roaming around these NYC streets.

You know I’m obsessed with sneaker wedges – get a pair for yourself! #pumpedupkicks



Photos Raven Adams