This outfit soooo reminds me of disco balls and roller skates, and I ain’t hatin’ on one thing about it.  There’s a heat wave brewing this weekend baby, and you’ve gotta dress the part.

You know I’ve always been a huge advocate of the crop-top/high-waist combo, and I love that I’m seeing so many people sport the trend these days.  What’s not to love? The high waist covers our problem area (heeeyo pooch), and the short shorts create the illusion of having sky-high legs (obviously not the case with me).  This top is so fi-ya too.

These sandals are from Payless  - you know how I do!

Bought this top from Nasty Gal before my Miami trip in March.  I’m still very obsessed.

Salt spray in the hair will create the beach-wave look that we all love so much in the summer.

Mirrored sunglasses make this EVEN more roller girl.  $8 on the streets of NYC.

If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a crop top with short shorts, you could always switch gears and make it a nighttime look with a floor length high-waisted skirt (pic from Feb..daaaang I miss the Delano!)

Enjoy the weekend! Hope you’re staying cool by the beach with a cocktail :)



Photos Raven Adams

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