Whoa, Nelly.  I am feeling so impressed with myself that I just couldn’t NOT share this excitement with you guys.  It may have taken 4 hours broken up into two days, but my room is finally organized for the first time since I moved into this apt in May.  For most, getting organized is no big feat.  For me, this is a milestone. What brought this on is the fact that I have been shopping like a MANIAC for Fall and Winter, and by the time I would get home and put my clothes away I’d be like “Oh whoops, I already had one of these”.  I literally lost track of what clothes I have.  When you don’t even know what you own anymore, it’s time to reassess.  Aside from the headache of organizing, this was so worth it not only for the peace of mind at everything in my room having a “home”, but because I felt like I went on a shopping spree all over again! Multiple times I had those “NO WAY I FORGOT ABOUT THIS SHIRT” moments.  It’s like those times you find an old wallet with money in it.  SCCCCORE.  I may be a hot friggin’ mess but hey, that’s the charm in me.

First, I dissected my closet.  I found a few pairs of denim jeans that I purchased at Wasteland in LA a few years ago and a TON of graphic tees I’d totally let fall from my memory.  I organized all my sweaters and kept the coziest out for display (see that coziness pictured above?!)  Thanks again to my girl Krystal for the cashmere gifts! I’m in love and ready to snug up by a fire in these sweaters.

Some hats got stuffed back in the closet, some earned their place on the back of my door.  I still haven’t taken my winter scarves from my mom’s house, but a few lightweight scarves should do the trick for now.  My backpack earns a spot, OBVI.

Girl’s got a little of a beanie obsession, no? Hats on hats on hats.

My dresser, covered with hot chicks.  Duh.  #girlsgirl

Top of my makeup dresser (yes, makeup dresser).  Praisssseee the fact that I keep my makeup dresser super organized already (eye makeup drawer 1, lips drawer 2, skincare drawer 3 etc).  That would have taken me another 100 years to sort if not.

I threw out a lot of costume jewelry, kept some on display for decor, and organized the rest in the pink Viktor & Rolf box.  And YES MY RINGS ARE IN A PURPLE CERAMIC SOMBRERO.  I saw that thing at the airport in Cancun and knew that it would be an adorable home for my rings.  :)

Chaos, albeit organized chaos.  Jeans, skirts, plaids, leathers, blouses, sneakers, heels – they all are nestled so sweetly now.

Also, how else do you go about organizing than blasting slow jams and wearing a Glam Glow mud mask? Possibly found my Halloween costume.

My neutral, plain-Jane sanctuary.  Absolutely couldn’t live without my vanity area (thanks mom).

Sheets DKNY – throw blanket Nicole Miller.  Throw pillow Tar-jay.

My beautiful ombre curtains and a great view of the sunset from my 5th floor window.  As if being organized didn’t make me feel good enough, that sunset comes around.

And to leave you on this beautiful Friday, a potential Outfit of the Night idea.  The weather is so freakin’ gorgeous, you can take advantage of short sleeves, jeans and open toes.  This Ali Ro vest is one of my favorites and looks adorable thrown over a striped cropped tee.  Feel free to throw a pop of color in via a bright necklace to accent the black and white look.  Vamp up the lips and you’re ready for a night on the tooowwwwn.