Hey all.  Happy Fashion Friday!

Living on the Upper East Side in NYC is awesome.  Plenty of bars and restaurants, Central Park is a 15 min walk, the streets are quiet (relatively), and there’s a little bit of a sense of a community and family life.  For the day-to-day deal, it’s perfect.  On my days to wander around, though, I love to get downtown.  The air in the streets just feels wild, the vibe is edgy and artistic, the nightlife is rowdier and overall, it’s just a damn good time.  One of my favorite things about NYC is just how different every part of the city is.  You never have to go to the same bar or restaurant twice if you don’t want to! So, with that said, I love to express my creative and edgier side in terms of fashion when I know I’m going to be chillin’ downtown.  Anything goes south of 14th street!

I wear a hat at any opportunity possible, and I love the feeling this particular hat gives me.  It totally just makes the outfit.

A turtleneck sweater dress, crystal chain necklace (thanks Ali!), black & gold Larsson & Jennings watch with suede booties.  Every accent to this outfit is black and gold.

To me, this is the cutest outfit for a girls night dinner on the Lower East Side, sipping Moscow Mules & cracking up over conversation.  (girls night because most dudes would never understand a look like this)

 I love lipstick, and I love to alternate whether I’m contrasting with my outfit or matching it.  In this case, I matched my lipstick to my outfit! This color Siren by NYX, and it is totally badass.  Vamp it up a little, girls!

Shop the look below, and have a great weekend!