Man, the snow this week has been killlller in NYC.  So beautiful when it’s coming down, and SUCH a slushy, nasty, accident-prone mess once its settled.  I know that we haven’t gotten hit as hard as other areas, and I am super grateful not to have a car, but it can be quite the pain when you rely on mass transit and your own two feet to get to and from.

Anywho, less complaining and more clothes- talk from me.

My friend Krystal (my cashmere hook-up!) gave me this wrap and I am absolutely in love with it.  It’s truly incredible.  On my coziest of days I wear a button-down sweater with this puppy laid over it, some thick leggings and fuzzy socks.  Whooaa, nelly.  Throw me a cup of coffee and an episode of Property Brothers, and your girl is in heaven.

Dang, this thing is just so cozy and easy-breezy.  Love wearing it with moto boots and a beanie.

Do I think I’m Zorro or am I just adjusting my bra strap?

And check out that lovely (sarcastic) view of my apartment building behind me.  Oh NYC, sometimes your aesthetic is a wee bit off.

Hope you get the chance to stay snowed in if you’re in an area that’s been hit!

Malbec, chocolate, pizza, boyfriend, this cozy snowstorm must-haves.

Have a great weekend.