Hey all – Happy Friday!

The Anytime..pretty much how I feel about this outfit! You can wear this to work, to happy hour, and any time in between.  It’s ridiculously comfortable and suitable for nearly any occasion I can think of.

The top is perfect for the weird (is it June or October?) weather that’s been happening the past few days.  Its sweater material, but also super thin.  I love the cuff detail on the sleeve as well.

The watch is from my very first post with Guess! Perfect for this look.  The skirt is also suuuuper comfortable..seriously this outfit feels like you’re wearing sweats, except then you look down and you’re like “Oh man I can go to brunch like this?!”  Both the top and skirt are from H&M (last year).  Top $24.95 Skirt $19.95

These cage heels from Shop Lucky 21 were on sale for somewhere around $15! If this isn’t a Babe on a Budget outfit, then I don’t know what is.

Enjoy your weekend!