Yesterday on Instagram, I shared a mascara that I am absolutely loving and feel the need to elaborate about on here..but first, some scenes from the weekend.

Finally, finally got to have a night out with my loves Lindsay and Zoe.  Linds and I are usually working on Saturday nights, so the fact that both of us were able to go out on a weekend was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up.  We first had snacks and wine at the restaurant downstairs in the Refinery Hotel, and then later in the night we made our way up to the beautiful rooftop.

This place, with its pretty & romantic lighting, open-air concept, and view of the Empire State Building is definitely one of my favorite rooftops to visit! It was a perfect location for us to hang out.

Bryant Park – OH SO PACKED.  One of my favorite parts of the city to walk through!

Totally loving my new MacBook Pro cover! It’s courtesy of Etsy, where pretty much everything else that’s magical in life comes from.  Seriously, it makes me love getting to my bed even more.  #chickslooooveEtsy

And finally, the point of this post…CoverGirl reached out to me to see if I was interested in sampling/reviewing their new mascara, The Super Sizer.  To which I basically said “YES, DUH! HERE’S MY ADDRESS”.

The wand is unlike other mascaras that I currently own.  It’s super-thin, with bristles that are more widely spaced apart.  I always thought that big, wide and dense mascara wands worked best for my lashes, because they create volume.  HOWEVER, with volume comes tons of clumps that my unruly lashes refuse to give up, despite me combing through them numerous times.

My eyelashes are crazy, crazy long and I have to say that after just one use with this mascara, I was OBSESSED.  The wand creates a beautiful, naturally feathered look which makes it perfect for daytime as well.  I am not someone that loves super dramatic lashes during the day, so one coat of this is perfect for work, and two coats is perfect for those nights out with lots of eye makeup!

I’ve only been wearing it for a few days, and I’ve probably had 5 people ask me what mascara I use! If that doesn’t make you want to test it out, then I don’t know what will.  For drugstore pricing (under $15), this is seriously worth giving a whirl.  I promise you will love it!

Thank you CoverGirl :)