Let’s say you’ve got a friend or family member coming to stay at your place for a weekend.  Let’s say you have a spare bedroom.  Let’s say you want to make that space as cozy as possible for them.  Welp, let me tell you, you certainly can! With these three things, I can guarantee that you provide the most comfortable bedroom for your guests (or just apply these to your own bedroom!), and they’ll be looking forward to coming back.

1.  Pillows, pillows, pillows

The more pillows, the better, I say.  I especially love throw pillows because not only are they pretty, but they prop me up when I’m sitting against the back of the bed doing computer work or sipping my coffee.  For a guest bedroom that will appeal to male and female, opt for neutral pillows in chunky cable textures, or something like a deep navy velour pillow.  Obviously my mom designed this guest bedroom with a particular girl in mind (me!), so she kept the colors and accents on the girlier side.  These throw pillows are from Basset Furniture.

2. Down White Comforter

Nothing is more relaxing to me than falling back into a down white comforter.  I currently have one at my apt in NYC, and think that my next big bedding purchase will be in color..but for a guest bedroom you want the feel to be light and airy.  Especially at a beach house!

3.  Textured Throw Blankets

Winter or Summer, there is ALWAYS a use for a cable knit throw blanket.  Invest in a fabulous one and your guests will be either 1) dying to know where you got it or 2) dying to come back just to get to snuggle up with” that amazing blanket” again.

Other additions that will help enhance the space and cater to your guests:

A headboard: Really, the more I think about it – what is a bed without a head board?

Accents that relate to location: These little starfish above a bed in NYC? Not so much.  But how adorable for a guest bedroom on the beach? Add accents that remind your guest of where they are!

Book Case: my mom knows I am an avid reader, so it was pretty dang thoughtful of her to put the book shelves in the guest bedroom!

Candles: Maybe your guest had a long flight or train and is eager to kick back, relax and inhale some sweet, sweet scents.

Bottle of wine: Oh, wait, now I’m just catering this post to myself.. But really, it will make your guests feel like they are living the luxury life! Wine at the bedside – that is what’s up.

Cozy rooms are the best room!

Have a great day.