Heyyyo! Boy have I been shopping up a STORM the past 2 weeks.  Jeans, booties, tops..I’ve really been trying to build my Fall wardrobe before the weather hits and I have an “Oh shoot” moment.  This Friday I’m going to do a Fall trends post for you guys – I want to get your brains off of summer fashion! I know..that’s sad.  Anyway, Raven and I have been dying to go thrift shopping and we finally made an adventure of a day in the East Village.

This ENTIRE OUTFIT – head to toe, cost $62.50.  Not bad, I would say! The thing about thrifting is you have gotta be in the mood to hunt.  Most of the time you have to rifle through the duds to find the good stuff.  However, places like Buffalo Exchange and Beacon’s Closet tend to have great product to select from.  They’re very specific about what they will take as a donation (trust me, I have tried to donate to them before and not found much success!), and that makes the shopping process a lot simpler.

Sunglasses – $8.50

Top – $11.00

Jeans – $18.00

Shoes – $25.00

This cozy white tee and green cargo combo was also a great find!  I’m apparently a sucker for puke-green clothes ;)

Top – $13.00

Cargos – $22.00

Aaaaand this coat! Totally not my style usually, but I’m picturing this on those Fall days with a flowy printed dress and booties.  Mmm, mmm.  Only $29.00!

We headed into a few other shops besides Buffalo Exchange, but found no such luck.  No problem, though.  We were SERIOUSLY entertained.  If I ever have an ugly sweater party to go to, I know just where to stop.

Next time you are in NYC, or if you already live here, stop by Buffalo Exchange in lieu of your usual shopping spots, and I think that you will be pleasantly surprised! There’s something so exciting about finding a good bargain.  So very Babe on a Budget.