Hi mama’s! For today’s Fab Find I’ve got some jewelry goodies for ya!

Dollie Links is a start-up jewelry brand featuring one of a kind, hand-made pieces that are so adorable and so affordable. Hey now, you know the ladies of FGD love to find a Babe on a Budget deal! These pieces will set you back $15-$35 each.  Yeah, you read that right..

UM, THIS MUSTACHE RING?! Has my name all over it…

The lovely ladies of Dollie Links have more glam in their pinky finger than I’ve got in my whole body (Yes, I know them!!), however there’s something here for everyone.  They were nice enough to send me some pieces, and let me tell you – I’m obsessed!

How’s that for some Italian girl arm hair? But really, I am so digging these pieces.  I’ve been wearing them every day – with my casual gear during the day and then again when I’m dolled up for dinner at night.

I’ve got some more shopping to do, and I know you want to get in on the action now too! Shop for your own Dollie Links at their Etsy store —> Dollie Links and fall in love just as I have!

Happy Tuesday