Hey there fit fashionistas!  As you’ll come to know, I’m a huge online shopper.  This outfit was compliments of IDEELI.  Here’s my story of the infamous romper!

Ava came home for a visit and I excitedly showed her my new purchase, awaiting her approval, but no.  I got an eh it’s nice.  Well that doesn’t necessarily deflate me, I know I can rock that darn romper!

Flash forward a few weeks to our catering company’s tasting event.  I was under strict instructions to not purchase anything new and use something I had in the closet.  Let’s just get it straight, that’s not what deterred me, it was my lack of time.  A serious lack of time!  So a few days before (yes, I’m a last minute Lil) I start putting outfits together in my mind.  I settle on the new romper, contrasting shoes and a high bun.  Here’s where it gets interesting; I had to cancel my hair appointment that day, no time.  No time to get my nails done.  Thank god I showered in the wee hours of the morning.  I run home and within 15 minutes had managed to do my own hair – I had never attempted this look as I thought someone else might be pampering me that day – I get my makeup finished and run out the door in my romper and ugg slippers with jewelry, shoes and nail polish in tow.  I get to the shop, finish the event setup and minutes before our guests arrive I paint the only two toes peeping out of my shoes.  What a mess!!!

Ironically, my hairdresser thought I had my hair done.  Everyone liked the contrasting shoes.  I was even told by someone “come on you can be honest with me, you went to get your hair and makeup done right?”  Well the lovely guests took my feelings of being disheveled to one of pure proudness.

Move forward another week or two.  I walk into Chloe’s room and she’s watching a Tivo’d episode of The Food Network’s Next Food Network Star, I tell her to pause it in disbelief.  Well, the results are below, Giada must have a great stylist! :)