We’re so excited to bring you these mini workouts.  Our plan is to arm you with workouts you can mix and match depending on what you want to do that day and how much time you have.  Personally, my in the gym workouts are usually 30 minutes.  I do go frequently, but time is not usually on my side.  Our motto is do what you can and move, move, move!

I did this workout at home, but it can easily be done in the gym as well.  At the gym I would suggest utilizing a bench and skip laying on the ground  :lol:

Perform all exercises with 12-15 reps/3-5 sets

Chest Press: Lying on the ground or bench, setup arms at a 90* angle.  Raise arms upward and together being sure to squeeze you chest muscles at the top.  Pause for a moment and slowly lower to the starting position



Chest Flye:  rotate arms so that palms are facing upward.  Open arms so that they are parallel with the ground, pull arms upward and inward to meet at the center.  Pause for a moment squeezing the chest muscles together, return to starting position



Pushup w/Side Plank:  Lucky you, this pushup incorporates a little bit of abs.  These types of exercises are key when you’re pinched for time.  Start in a plank position, arms just past should width apart, lower into a pushup, complete pushup while raising one arm to the side.  Be sure to rotate your feet as well when you’re rotating, you want to finish this move with your whole body in alignment.  Lower, repeat pushup and twist to the other side




Incline Pushup:  Here I used a bench at home, you can use a chair, a stair or a bench at the gym.  Start with your body in a plank position, lower into a pushup, push back to the starting position