TGIF!  Not really, just means a long weekend of work to me, but I hope the rest of you are getting out and enjoying the remaining summer weather.  I thought I’d send you off on your weekend armed (ha get it) with a quick tricep workout.  Our worst nightmare, the jiggly rear arm!  Embrace your fears, we can definitely avoid this by keeping our tri’s tight and toned.

We all know you can’t target one area, so please don’t do this all week :)  Toned tri’s need to be complimented with toned biceps.  Take these mini workouts and pair them with others to get a complete body workout throughout the week.

Here’s to waving hello to everyone with confidence and not princess style!

Do all 3 exercises 12-15 reps 3-5 sets


Tricep press. Standing straight with a slight bend in the knees, raise dumbbells overhead, palms facing inward. Be sure to keep your elbows facing forward and stationary by your ears


bending the elbows, lower the weights to the floor. Make sure you keep your elbows stationary and close to your ears. Return to the start posit

palms supporting you on a bench, prep yourself to lower your bum to the floor. Arms straight & core tightened, this is your starting positio





Bending at the elbows, drop straight down until your arms are at a 90* angle. Pause for a moment and raise to starting position


















Tricep Kickbacks Using a pair of dumbbells, start with a slight bend in your knees, bending at the waist keeping your elbows at your side, raise dumbbells towards your chest. This is your starting position

keeping your elbows by your side, kickback the dumbbells. As you kickback, rotate the dumbbell outward so your palms finish facing the ceiling. At the top of the move, squeeze your triceps and return to the starting position