Hi all!! Oh Monday, you’re here again.  Hope you guys had a good weekend despite the crazy snowstorm (if you’re in New England) that sure threw a damper into all of our plans!  Last night I had a great time working out, watching the Grammy’s, making a clean dinner and watching Girls.  That Sunday night sure beat working football Sunday!

I brought my camera to the gym last night so that after my workout I could snap some pics for ya.  I was thinking – what’s a body part we haven’t hit yet? And then it hit ME..Booty! I’ve been spending some time lately trying to get my dancer booty back, and so many of the exercises I perform are reminiscent of my days at the ballet barre.  Here are 3 moves I thought would be great to showcase to really get that butt toned and amazing looking! :)

P.S. Do your best to avoid looking at my sweaty appearance and PASTY SKIN.  I think it’s time for a spray tan.

1.  Start in a backwards lunge, without letting your knee touch the ground.  This is a wider stance than usual because you’re preparing to propel off your front foot and kick…

2.  Keep your legs as straight as possible, and do this with CONTROL!  If you’re swiftly and slowly moving from a lunge to the forward position, you should really start to feel this in the gluteus and hamstrings.  I did 2 sets of 15 on each side.

*Make this harder by using a bench or step!*


1.  Start in the above position, keeping your arms straight and locked.

2.  Again I’m going to use this word – propel your leg straight behind you into the air – no worries if you can’t get it this high! Lift your leg until you feel that pinch where your leg meets your butt.  Move from position 1 to 2 20 times, switch legs, and repeat!


1.  Sit back into a chair squat – get looooow girl! You can use a barre or back of a chair for balance if you need.  Use the 2 finger rule that we used to use in ballet; This way you aren’t 100% relying on it for balance.

2. Shift weight to your right leg and swing your left leg back, again, until you feel the PINCH! Sink back down into a chair squat, and switch legs.  2 Sets of 15-20 on each side!


Let me tell you, this quick booty buster followed by 10 minutes on the stair master had my glutes feeling GREAT!  No weights or machines necessary here! Let me know how it goes :)

Love you mamas,