Take this workout to the gym with you for a whole body workout.  I like to start my week with a whole body workout because I never know how my week is going to end up.  This way no matter what gets thrown at me, I know I was able to get it all in at least once.  If all ends up well, I’ll breakdown the rest of my workouts by body parts.

I’ll insert some photos later.  I’m having a little technical difficulty right now :)

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds or 12-15 reps, repeat 3 times

Squat Row 

Adjust your TRX to the midpoint.  Face the anchor point.  Use the TRX for balance only when squatting, you should have a light grip.  Squat making sure your knees don’t go over your toes.  As you come up, pull elbows back into a row.  Be sure to squeeze your shoulder blades together.  Keep your shoulders back and down, keep your focus on the anchor point. Make sure there is no slack in your TRX

Bicep Curl

Keep your TRX at midpoint.  Facing the anchor point lean back removing the slack in the TRX.  Palms facing upward, arms parallel to ground with your elbows at shoulder height, curl your bicep until your hands are by your ears.  You should bend at the elbows only.  To make the exercise more difficult, place your feet closer to the TRX.  If you need a little additional support, place one foot behind you as a kickstand.

Tricep Pressdown

Keep TRX at midpoint.  Facing away from the anchor point, extend your arms palms facing downward.  Bend at the elbow so bring hands up by your ears.  Press down to starting position.  Again, to make the exercise more difficult, place feet closer to your anchor point.


Keep TRX at midpoint.  Facing the anchor point, raise your arms above your head to mimic the letter I.  Lean back on your heels, pressing your hands down to your side.  Simultaneously raise your hands and propel forward to the I position.


Adjust TRX to mid calf length.  Place feet in the foot cradles, face down into a plank position.  Be sure not to swing or saw.  Keep both feet together.  Raise into a plank position either on your elbows or your palms.

Side Plank

Turn in your foot cradles so that you are on your side.  Feet should be parallel to the ground with the top foot in front of the bottom foot toe to heel.  You can raise yourself from the ground either on your elbow or palms.  Place the upper hand either on the ground in front of you for support or if you’re advanced in the air, palm facing forward.  Be sure to turn to the other side.