We all know our gyms in January can be a bit crowded to say the least. Why not change up your winter gym routine with these fun workouts you can do alone or better yet with a friend or workout buddy.

These are my favorite workouts, fun physical activities that allow you to find muscles you never knew you had.

Here are my top pics for gym alternative workouts.  Most of them can be found in any major city.  Hey, if you’ve got to take a day trip to do one, why not?  Nothing is stopping you, right?

Indoor Rock Climbing:

This is a great full body workout.  You can spend as little or as much time as you like climbing the various walls, rope ladders and even ceilings!

Aqua Cycling:

Underwater cycling, yes water cycling.  If you  haven’t heard about it, I suggest you seek it out.  How many spin classes have you had to take in order to find the one that has music you can tolerate?  My number is too many to count.  Not with this class.  Touted as a cross between restorative and interval training set to classical music….Count me in!

Indoor Batting Cages:

Bring out your inner child sports star, grab a friend or two and hit the batting cages!  How fun is it to spend an afternoon trying to hit that home run.  Hey a little friendly competition never hurt anybody.

Trampoline Park:

Now I know I’m not using any of these muscles on the reg.  Remember the countless hours you used to spend bouncing up and down without a care in the world?


Yes, it does involve kick boxing, a lot of bag work, floor abdominal work in the end, but whoa this is another great workout to hit those hidden areas.  I personally think this is a great workout before you put on a sleeveless dress because man if you have any delts, they’ll certainly be popping after this class!

I hope this post helps you discover something new and cures the winter workout blues.  Let us know if you have a great workout to try!