Ava so graciously working for me this holiday season in her worst nightmare of a dress!

I’m sure you all know that we’re ambassadors for Fitfluential.  It’s an awesome forum for all things fitness.

I literally stopped in my tracks when I saw this post on Facebook shared by Kelly Olexa, founder of Fitfluential.  This post written by Leslie Bradshaw embodies everything I think and feel as of late as a startup business owner.

I love how Leslie points out in particular:

Seven steps to guarantee that you will gain weight while building your company (or your career). Additionally, these are great for eliminating healthfulness, happiness, and joy from your life.

I identified with every one of them.  I may have only gained 10 pounds in the last 2 years as my company grows, but if I don’t reclaim MY life, that number will only grow.  Whether it’s starting a company, starting a family, things get in the way.

Yes, everyone says, there’s always time to workout.  Make time for yourself.  I’m one of them.  Then you turn into a people pleasing, everyone other than your friends and family are more important than you, sleep is now a luxury and the workouts you once cherished are arduous at best because you’re an exhausted shell of your former self.  My relationship with my boyfriend gets put on hold for weeks at a time.  Yes, we work together, but that doesn’t count as quality time in my book.  During our busy seasons, we may as well live in different countries!

In the beginning I gave myself a 5 year limit on giving 150% to our business, the catering company that is.  That was in 2009.  5 and a half years later, I’m saying uncle.  Not to mention, Ava and I started this blog in the heyday of our happiness 2 years ago.  Together we ate well and did some form of exercise regularly.  Ava obtained her nutrition certification and I my TRX training certification.  The blog seemed like the perfect forum to answer everyone’s questions about our lifestyle.  I had no idea I would turn into what I call the antithesis for everything we believe in.  Thank goodness Ava’s kept up on her healthy lifestyle game.  I’ve said it before, Ava has carried this blog for the last year.  I love this blog!  I love Ava!  I carry a tremendous amount of guilt for not giving Ava or the blog the intention it deserves.

Well, that is so 2014!  Mark and I have been discussing ways to improve our quality of life going into the new year.  Ways to make ourselves a priority.  Ways to better manage our workload.  Ways to turn-off after hours.  Ways to incorporate physical fitness.  Weekly menu planning.  Time for the blog.

Kelly’s Facebook post came at just the right time.  It validates that others are going through similar situations and there is hope.  You can be successful and take care of yourself.

Please take the time to read Leslie’s post, share it with your friends.  There may be some other reason you or someone you know needs to reclaim their quality of life.

“How I Gained and Lost 60 Pounds as an Entrepreneur – And So Can You!”

On a brighter note, my ever patient personal trainer Igor has nudged me to sign up for The Biggest Loser at my gym.  Will I be the Biggest Loser?  Probably not.  Will get the support I need to get back on track?  Absolutely.  My Biggest Loser journey will be about improving on the foundation I already have, regaining strength and showing others that there is always room for improvement.

The Biggest Loser kicks off on January 29th.  Check back with us to see it’s going!

xoxoxo Steph