Hello friends! It’s time to introduce my new workout series, Ballet Body.  We’ve been seeing a lot of dance inspired workouts lately, and so I thought – who better to give you dance-inspired workouts than myself? I took everything from ballet to hip hop for close to 15 years.  This series will be full of low-impact, lean-muscle building moves. Ready?

 1. Don’t focus on my face in these pictures.  Next time I’ll be sure to smile.

2.  Start with your feet in a wide stance as shown.

This move is often reffered to as a wide-legged squat, but in the ballet world this is a Grand Plie in second position!  Move from Position B back to Position A 20 times.

After completing that set, simply lift your heels up off the ground for Position C.  Looks pretty funny huh? Haha

Sink down into an even deeper stance and pulse at Position D 20 times.  This should burn! Repeat all of these steps a 2nd time before moving on.

For the next move we start in a front Tendu position.  Keep your legs very straight and your toes pointed.  In ballet we keep our legs TURNED OUT! As in – rotate out from the hip.  As you can see, my turnout needs some WORK these days.

Slowly and with control, lift your leg to a 45 degree angle.  If you can get to 90 – go for it!  Bring your leg back down to Position A.  This is for the inner and outer thighs.  20 reps baby.

Now we go for the back tendu! This is amaaazeballs for the booty.

You can’t tell in the pic – but my other arm is extended to the side.  Putting your arms like this is not only the proper ballet way but will also help in balance. 20 reps.  Repeat front tendu and back tendu exercises again.

And soon you’ll be hitting this position!! ;)

Have fun with this one!