Hey yaaaaall.  Yes I am from New England but I’m still going to say yall.

So the days following a holiday are the most important in terms of working out and eating right.  You’ve got to get your metabolism stabilized by eating smaller meals throughout the day so your body doesn’t start to convert excess calories to fat.  You’ve also got to hop on the workout grind within 12 hours of eating a humongous meal (i.e Thanksgiving plate 1 and 2) for the same reason.

We ourselves wasted no time! The morning after Thanksgiving was time for weight training, a cardio warmup I’m about to share, and a 45 minute hike.  Get back in the game, people! :)


Banish The Bloat Warm-up

Do this routine before your workouts this week.  Even if your workout of the day is a 3 mile run, get this one in before.

Jumping Jacks x 50

Scissors x 50

Favorite Cardio: 60 seconds

Froggers x 25

Wipers x 25


We all know how to do Jumping Jacks, right?!



For these you’re simply scissoring your legs as shown.  Do these fast!


You should follow up Scissors with one minute of your favorite cardio move.  Ex: High Knees, Burpees (is that ANYONE’S favorite though?), Jump Rope


One of my personal favorites; These will work your entire body.  I honestly don’t think this is the proper Frogger exercise but I’m too lazy to Google it.  Meet my Frogger.

Start in a plank position.

Jump to the above position.  To make it even more difficult (and more like a frog) jump to bring your feet on either side of your hands.  This move works the arms, core, glutes and hammys.

Jump from Position A to Position B x25 !

Stand to take a little breather….

And come back down into Plank for Wipers

Position B.

Back to Plank.

Position C.

Back to Plank.

Repeat x25 !  This one is kiillllllller.  Hold your belly in the whole time.


Repeat if you dare!