This morning I awoke with both anticipation and trepidation.  I haven’t had a training session with Igor in 3 weeks due to both of our schedules.  That’s not to say that I haven’t been to the gym, but not with my usual dedication.  To say I’ve been lax during the holidays would be an understatement.

Tastes of holiday cookies, egg nog,  party foods, lots of wine and mimosas have made for a few extra pounds.  Truthfully, when I put my fitted gym clothes on yesterday for motivation, I actually laughed.  Wow, they were fitted and my whole shape had changed.  No question how I got here, the question is how do I get out of here?

The day after christmas, I had already begun my leap back into strict clean eating, the missing link?  The gym.  Do you ever fear going back to the gym after a hiatus?  For me, it’s knowing that I’ve lost a little bit of strength as well as the facing the regulars that are wondering where I’ve been.

I’m taking this challenge head on though.  Needless to say, I literally got my ass handed to me in the wee hours this morning.  I love working out, but I hate leg day.  When Igor asked what I wanted to focus on today, I proclaimed…legs.  I know he’s going to force me to work them harder than I would on my own.  The smart part of my brain tells me to take advantage of this.

An hour later as I attempt to walk up my front steps, I can’t help but smile.  What was my fear?  Yes, it was tough, but it was also awesome.  It feels so much better to do something positive for my body than something that sets me back.

As I make my way into the kitchen, I see the latest issue of Oxygen Magazine on the counter.  This month’s cover model looks to be around my age.  Its always motivating to see someone in your age bracket that looks amazing, I don’t care what age you are.  That got me thinking, why do I want to look like her?  Why not aspire to look the best that I feel I’ve looked prior to this day?

I keep this photo on my bedroom dresser.  It not only reminds me of a great vacation, but it also reminds me that my goals are achievable.  I’m not usually one to have my photo taken in a bikini, so this is especially motivating to me.   It reminds me of the feeling of confidence that being fit gives me.

All of our goals are different.  That’s why we should be our own best role model.

Today I encourage you to embrace yourself as a role model.  Put that picture front and center in the dress that made you feel amazingly hot or whatever your proudest body moment was.  You can do it!  You can be your best you.