Hey there!  To know me is to know I love my Swarovski crystals.  Thinking back it must be from the girls days of dance.  I could never put enough crystals on their costumes.  It was kind of a sad addiction.

One day many years ago, I threw out my back and had a few days stuck on the sofa.  It was then that I grabbed some extra crystals and blinged out my cell phone.  Long gone are the days of that flip phone, so needless to say, so is that phone.  I thought there would come a time when I might be able to do an updated version on my current iPhone5.  Yeah right!  Such wishful thinking.

If you’ve ever looked into purchasing the cases, you know that you won’t find one under $300.  Well hello Bling Angels!  In need of a new case, I was perusing Amazon, the place where you can find everything.  And there it was, an ombre aurora borealis into hot pint case.  What?  It’s only $59.00?  You must be kidding?  I took the leap of faith and couldn’t be happier.

The company was nice enough to send me a personalized email after my order indicating that each case is hand crafted and to expect a two week turnaround time.  Fair enough.  I was just super psyched that someone was actually making it and it wasn’t a factory mold.

I can’t be happier with the outcome.  It’s flawlessly put together.  All the seams match and there are no gaps.  I highly recommend this company.  Some of the designs are out there and some are simple.  There’s something for everyone.

Bling Angels gave us a promo code for 10% off any purchase.  It’s only available fore a limited time so don’t wait.

1st code:  repeat10

2nd code:  WDMK23VC

Happy shopping!