Bliss.  That’s what I’m calling this past weekend.  My mom and I coordinated schedules in the beginning of summer to both have this weekend off, and while originally we were planning on going away for a night or two, we eventually scrapped that idea because homegirl has a beach house and so a stay-cation just made the most sense! Beach.  Hammock.  Grilling.  Fabulous wine.  Puppies.  Mom.  Sister.  Grandma.  Girlfriends.  This was the perfect girls weekend!  Mom just finished redecorating her house, and it is STUNNING.  I took sooooo many photos on my Canon, but for now (since I came right back to work and am exhausted), here’s some quick snaps (literally – all from Snap Chat) until I can get all of the other photos uploaded and edited.

Avo toast.  Duh.  This actually wasn’t even the finished product! I made an open-faced turkey, provolone, tomato & sunny-side up egg sandwich! Delish.  By the way, we’re officially cutting ties with Ezekial bread.  A few years ago, it seems, Ezekial was the only sprouted grain bread that was readily available.  Now, there are so many tastier options! We find that Ezekial doesn’t freeze well, and doesn’t toast well, soooo….what’s the point? I will have to update you when I find  an alternative that I really love.

Just me and the snails, chillin.  Honestly, after being exposed to so many amazing beaches in New York, I thought I would be o-v-e-r the Long Island Sound this summer.  However, the calmness of the Sound during low-tide on a day that isn’t unbearably hot was extremely relaxing! The waves are so small and so therapeutic.  It’s like hanging out at a gigantic spa! I’m with it.

Pinterest ain’t got nothing on mom.  Muted tones, comfy throw pillows & blanket.  Heaven.  I cannot WAIT to have my own place again where I can decorate as I see fit.

Morning coffee on the hammock.  Wind chimes, birds chirping.  It’s just so incredible.  Once again, when I came back to the city today, the noise was INTENSIFIED.  The horns and chaos were driving me CRAZY.  What is happening to me?!

Did I mention the amazing morning bike rides along the beach path? Such a refreshing change from the city for a few days, for real.  I just bought so many new workout clothes (since now I work in them!), but my stash has NOTHING on my mom’s.  She must have bought out Pure Barre’s retail section by now, 10 times over.  It’s unreal.  I promise to get her to take some pictures in all her cute gear!

Hat – Pure Barre

Sports Bra – Splits 59

Pants – Forever 21

Shoes – Reebok

Sunglasses – Ray Ban

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday! I’m off to work a double -_- – back to the craziness!