Monday is workout for the week day here on the blog.  This week, instead of giving you a workout, we’re encouraging you to try a workout out of your comfort zone.  We did just that last Thursday.

Another great opportunity brought to us by Fitfluential was a group class taught by celebrity trainer, Brett Hoebel at 24 hour fitness in Manhattan.  When we first heard of it, we had no idea what type of class it was.  It wasn’t until 2 days before, we found out that he would be teaching Capoeira.

I’m scared!!!!!  I had been asked years ago by an instructor to take his class, but I had no idea what it was.  Of course I asked for a descriptive.  It’s origin is in Brazil combining martial arts and dance.   Did he just say dance?  Oh my, the horror of my dancing is a running joke amongst friends and family.  I can’t pickup combinations and I certainly lack in the coordination department.  I respectfully declined.

No such luck this time.  I had made a commitment.  I’m seriously trying to overcome any insecurities I may have that are making me create my own obstacles.  What’s the worst that can happen?

Turns out, the class was amazing.  Was I the best?  Absolutely not.  Was I the worst?  I don’t think so.  Ava on the other hand, picked it right up.  I know I got a great workout and should be doing more of this.  It was a sweaty, fun, challenging hour.  Brett was a great teacher, very motivating and encouraging.  He created a camaraderie throughout the room, keeping everyone up for the challenges ahead.  Too bad we can’t get him to teach it regularly.


Class complete, Ava and I were a sweaty mess.  We had clothes to change into, but how?  No makeup to speak of.  Neither of us thought to bring shower essentials and we were too hot to change.  Gross.  We were meeting up with other Fitfluential Ambassadors in 2 hours, what’s the game plan to make us presentable?  Well, we went for it in true Manhattan style.  We googled the nearest Sephora and did our makeup with their plethora of samples.  Ha, it’s all the stuff we have at home, it was too funny and super easy.  I really felt compelled to buy something, but heck, they get enough of my money.  Funny thing is, I spotted at least 3 other chicks doing the same thing.  Thank you Sephora!  We also made a pit stop at Forever 21 so Ava could buy a new shirt.  She wasn’t feeling the sweater anymore.  While we were there, I opted to buy a new pair of shoes that better matched my shirt.  Oh man, talk about doing stuff on the fly.  My favorite though, the unexpected is what keeps us on our toes.

A quick stop for dinner at the incredible Blue Oyster Grill in Union Square (look for the review on Thursday) and we were off to the twitter up.  Genius, it’s at Spin, a ping pong bar.  Had I known, I definitely would have reserved a table.  It looks like so much fun.

Once we were settled in, Ava introduced me to the great girls she met at the Reebok/Spartan Race event. While they caught up, I ended up bumping into another guest, a former Biggest Loser contestant, Mark.  He was great, indulged me in some Biggest Loser gossip and spoke of what a great trainer Brett is.  I’ll definitely be following him, nice guy.


We also met a great couple from Connecticut, they’re both trainers and boy does it show.  The woman had Ava and I in stitches, we loved hearing about her fitness competition experience.  We hope to see them as well at future events. As you can tell, I’m so bad with names, but I do have their facebook accounts, you can follow them at “alfanso angry trainer moretti” and “mariposafit” Lastly, we met Kelly.  She is so welcoming and open, it didn’t feel like we just met.  What an inspiration to see how they have taken their company to such great heights in such a short amount of time.  Whatever they’re doing, they must be doing right, because everyone wants to be an ambassador for Fitfluential.  My favorite part of being an ambassador so far is truly meeting people with a likeminded passion for fitness and a healthy way of life.  That in itself is inspirational.  So many times as someone who is trying to lead a healthy lifestyle, we’re confronted with the challenge of getting the support of our friends and family.

It was a great night with my lovely daughter and new friends.

So this week, go try something you would never do otherwise.  Like me, you  just might find a new passion.  That saying, “you never know until you try” didn’t come about by accident.

Let us know what you did.  We love to hear from you!