Hey there! Hope your week is going well.  Last week involved working a lot, maybe one too many cocktails, and not enough hours of sleep.  This week involves catching up on sleep, lots of tea, being active and enjoying nature.  It’s crazy how many days a week I spend visiting Central Park now! It makes me soo happy.  I literally avoided being outdoors as much as possible during the Winter, so now any time I am not working I make an effort to get outside and enjoy this amazing city.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon taking a Pure Barre class (hadn’t been in two weeks!), and hanging out with one of my best friends, Lindsay.  We stopped at a market to grab lunch to go, sat in the sun for a few, and then wandered into our very favorite part of Central Park, the Mall.

This part of Central Park is so, so iconic (for all of the Sex and the City ladies out there, you will certainly recognize this haha), and Lindsay and I love to go here in the Fall and Spring.  Never gets old.  Does anything in the city get old, though?

A sneak peek of a pic that will be featured with my campaign with Caravelle this week! (Instagram @Caravelle)

The architecture around this area of the park is abbbbsolutely stunning.

You know this spot – this is a very popular place  for people to take their wedding photos.

How incredible!

Speaking of wedding photos – look what we stumbled across! So pretty.

It’s so quiet and peaceful in the park that you literally forget that the crazy streets are only a hundred yards away.

P.S. Avocado toast with sea salt, a runny egg & sriracha has become a breakfast staple again.  DELISH.

Pure Barre wants to know – do you even tuck?

Love when I can go straight from a workout to an afternoon out.  #fitnessfashion

Have a great Memorial Day weekend if I don’t get to check in!