Hey everyone!

We’re happy to share some of our very favorite ab moves with you today.  Or should we say core crushers?  Let’s do it.

 The first move is “The JackKnife”.  We start laying down with our arms above our head.  See, you like this workout so far don’t you?!?


 We then raise our shoulders off the ground to meet our legs in a PIKE position.  Keep your legs as straight as possible and reeeeeally reach for your toes to feel that squeeze in the core.

Important: As you come down, lower your legs in a slow and controlled motion back to Position A, while keeping them as STRAIGHT as possible.  Your abs should be harlem shakin sista.

Do 15-20 reps

Scissor Kicks: Start in the above position..Shoulders raised, one leg extended in front of you with the other pointing towards the sky.  Switch legs, all while keeping your core engaged.  BREATHE!

Complete 20 kicks.

The bicycle crunch: I know we all know this move! It’s my favorite for the obliques.  Start in the position above and then rotate to the other side.  Keep elbows to your side, keep abs engaged, and keep controoool.

Count to 50!

Mason Twist:  Staying on the obliques – Lift your legs into a 90 degree angle, and KEEP them there! No wobbling around allowed.  Twist from one side to the other and you will really feel it on this one.

50 reps!!!

Holy Abs.  Do this workout while you’re watching your favorite bad TV and it will be a breeeeeze.  Maybe.