Well hello there!  Have you heard of Dotfit?  I haven’t until recently.  One of the gym’s I attend, The Edge, has recently partnered up with this company to offer their clients a more comprehensive training plan.

While this company offers supplements, bars, vitamins and the usual gamut of fitness supplies, there’s one big advantage to it.  Constant monitoring by your personal trainer.

After a short questionnaire and body fat test with your  trainer, you’re ready to start.  An avatar is created based upon your current information and the goal you want to attain.  Your avatar shows how many calories are burned as well as how many you’ve consumed throughout the day.


They offer a plan through Bodymedia body sensor to automatically calculate your fitness activities, sleep patterns and steps walked.  You can also input this information manually.  For example, we have the Nike fuel band, which tells you your steps walked.  I can easily input the information

Inputing your food and activity shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes a day.  It’s pretty cool that you get to see your food intake ratios at the end of the day.  No shocker here, I’m a bit high on the carbs!  There’s something about seeing it broken down in black and white that makes you really second guess your food choices.

After a few days of logging, your trainer can get back to you with supplement, diet and exercise recommendations.  This really takes the guesswork out for the trainers.  I can only imagine how many lies they’re told.  ”Yeah, I ate clean all week.  I don’t know why the scale didn’t move.”  Ha, we’ve all been guilty of that.

I had two great pieces of wisdom given to me this week.  One from Andrew, Ava’s boyfriend.  As I am in my mid 40′s, I’m beginning to think I may have to get used to my “adult” body.  But Andrew poignantly stated that there is no magic number of age where a person is no longer able to maintain their fitness level.  It’s as simple as people’s lifestyles changing.  Well hello lightbulb moment, no shit?!?  If I think back, I definitely don’t workout the way I did when I was in stellar shape.  Glad to hear it has nothing to do with my age.  The second comes from Igor.  For the average person my age, I’m in great shape.  But, he also knows where I’d like to be and for that, I need to button up a few things.  So Dotfit comes at the perfect time.  I’m very visual, so seeing I only have 100 more calories to consume in a day will definitely make me have second thoughts about the next thing going into my  mouth.  On the flip side, who wants to see that they didn’t do any physical activity that day.  It’s a great feeling to reach your goals.

According to my fitness plan, I should be just where I want to be in 8 weeks.  We shall see.  Either way, I’m in and have no doubt that the additional motivation is going to help make some positive changes all the way around.

Have you tried Dotfit?  I’d love to get your feedback