Helllloooo ladies.  Let me tell you, I never thought I’d see the day where I was just as excited to shop for and receive workout gear as much as any other clothes.  But I have turned a new leaf, my friends.  Over the past few months my collection of sneakers, zip-ups and neon colored pants has grown exponentially.  This is just too FUN.  As a dancer I was either in a leotard and tights or baggy ass hip-hop clothes.  I never really was interested in how to dress for the gym.  But what my mom and I have found out (she is very SICK, send her well wishes!) is that what you wear to work out is very important.  Your clothes need to be tight enough so that you can see the muscles you’re working, and the material needs to be breathable enough to power you through the moves without feeling uncomfortable.

Lululemon has some famously recognized workout gear, but it can be a little pricey.  Some of my favorite retailers I’ve discovered in the past few months are Athleta, Modell’s, Target, and even Old Navy! If you know the quality of a fabric, it doesn’t matter where it comes from or what the price is.

My favorite additions to my collection of workout gear are my new Nike Free’s (orange) and this Halifax jacket from Nordstrom that my mom got me (mine is pink) for Christmas.

This pic is teeeeny tiny, but check out those thumbholes! I love them. The few other zip-ups I receieved for Christmas all have thumbholes as well.

Below you can shop the Head to Toe look for afforable Fitness Fashion. Play around on Zappos and see what will work for your price range. I encourage you to buy the BRIGHTER versions – it’s crazy what it will do to your mood! :)

Also – have you done your shopping for the #2WeekSlimDown yet?! Happy Shopping. Xo.