These baby’s have a permanent home in Crunchy’s (my beloved car that’s always seeming to be crunched) glove compartment.  I don’t want to even entertain the thought of working out sans headphones!

I purchased my pair a little over a year ago and they’re still in perfect working order.  Unsure about the inner ear style, I gave it a whirl and I’m glad I did.  They supply you with 3 sizes to ensure the perfect fit.  I never have to worry about them falling out no matter what the physical activity.

The sound quality is amazing, well hello it is Bose.  I love the controls on the main line that allow you to take calls, pause music and adjust volume all without touching your phone.  This feature is compatable with iPhones and the Samsung Galaxy.

There are 3 snazzy colors to choose from:  green, orange & blue.

These may not be the noise canceling version, but I personally don’t think you need them.  Mine quite sufficiently mask the blasting noise at the gym.

These baby’s will run you $149.00 with free shipping right on the Bose website.