Thank you Fitfluential!  Ava and I have been ambassadors for only a short time and in that short time, we’ve had some amazing fitness opportunities.  This week, we were invited to the premier of the web series Fit or Flop.  After a little research on the program, we welcomed the opportunity to go.

We both were not quite sure what to expect.  Ava has attended fashion premieres, but this was fitness related, was it going to be the same?  Not even close.  The event was held in Chelsea Market, a nice space, fitting for an event of this type.  A bit industrial.

Upon our entry, Brett Hoebel was just beginning his introduction of himself and the show.  He is one of the judges on the panel.  If any of you have watched The Biggest Loser, you would have seen him on Season 11 as one of the personal trainers.

His speaking was eloquent and confident.  Sharing his story of how he came into fitness and the premise of the show.  Brett was able to marry both seamlessly.  He was charismatic without being arrogant and most importantly, relatable.

After his speaking we sat for a sneak peek of the show.  Pretty cool, looks like it’s format is loosely based on the American Idol format.  Yes, there are fitness people out there that for lack of better terms are….really out there :)  It was entertaining and passionate.  Just a teaser, but that’s the point right?  They want us to watch and watch we will.

With a reception underway Ava and I had the pleasure of speaking to Brett.  He was quite indulgent, as I probably had his ear for longer than I should have, but it never showed on his face.  He allowed me to ask him questions about the show, his personal fitness philosophy and the fitness industry in general.  Brett was a plethora of knowledge.  Telling us how even though his workouts are intense, he balances his training with the practice of yoga.  His passion for what he does is infectious.  Personally, I could talk fitness all day.  Onto the show.  We discussed the future of the show and what they are ultimately looking for in “the next fitness star,” this was a lightbulb moment.  Wow, there really is a niche for fitness stars just like a food network star.  Brett let’s me ask about this, obviously taking the conversation down another path.  Again, he indulges me by sharing what it’s like to be a high profile trainer.  Interesting.  It goes to show that no matter what business you’re in, if you’re trying to reach the top, there’s always competition.  Brett asks if we’re going to his workout next week at 24 hour fitness….what?!?  Another Fitfluential event.  Yes, we’re going!  He’s funny, I tell him I’ll be at the back of the class.  His response; “there is no back of the class when I teach”.  Touché, that’s the sign of a great instructor.  Can I just tell you, yesterday I changed a bride’s tasting from Thursday night to Friday so I can go.  Luckily, I was honest and she was supportive.  Thanks Candice!  I can’t wait!!!!

Once I let Brett out of my clutches, Ava and I were taking it all in.  There’s no better feeling than being surrounded by people who share a common interest.

Just before we left, it was Ava’s turn.  She got to meet “FitnessJenna”  Jenna is also a judge and an editor at Fitness Magazine.  Jenna too was approachable and informative, introducing her lovely husband and pleasantly answering all of Ava’s questions.  We learned about her job at Fitness and how she keeps her articles fresh.  I was totally impressed when Ava mentioned the blog and she responded, I follow you!  Ha, that was Ava’s moment.  It was really nice to see that Jenna has such a personal approach to what she does.

With the event coming to a close, Ava and I commented on what fun it was.  We are so grateful to Fitfluential for the opportunities that are coming our way.  Now, it’s onto Bathtub Gin, but that’s another post :)

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