Hey all!  Time for another workout review.  Insert FlyWheel Sports: A stadium-seated spinning class that’s looking to serve as a game changer in the realm of cycling.  Each FlyWheel bike has a tech pack that that displays your “torq” or resistance and your “RMP” (speed).  The instructor will give you suggestions of where you should keep your torq and speed, however in this class you choose to torture or not torture yourself accordingly :)

I’m always up for checking out boutique gyms or fitness centers to supplement my NYSC membership, and when a buddy reserved a bike for me as his guest, I was excited to check out the hype.  My roommates the night before asked me “Well what’s so special about that place?” I joked that the bike might be suspended in the air (flying..get it?) and have flames on the side like some insane, hardcore, biker-cycling gang.  But really..aside from the class itself, which was good and challenging, I just love anywhere that really focuses on two things: branding and atmosphere.

Cute apparel! Hey-oooo, no time for shopping this time.  Maybe next….

A pretty awesome class schedule board if you ask me..

Shoes! You get your own pair of shoes to strap into your very own bike.  Almost as exciting as bowling shoes.

Peeked into a FlyBarre class, which may just be my next try at this studio – (ATTN: Dancers!)

Inspirational walls all around you.  Never coast.  I dig it.

I was a few minutes late, but the very helpful staff offered to hold my bag at the front AND even peeked into the class to bring me a water bottle (since obviously I would need another one), if that’s not great customer service I don’t know what is.  The music was awesome, the instructor Holly was great, the energy and friendly competitive feel in the room was encouraging and infectious.  The use of weighted bars for a few minutes was definitely a great way to bump things up a notch.

I would definitely recommend checking this spot out.  A single class will run you about $30, but for unlimited bottled water, towels, and a community-driven atmosphere, I’d say it’s worth giving a shot.

And before I sign off, my favorite part of this experience:

Dry shampoo in the Women’s Changing Room!! Does every gym do this?! Not mine, I’ll tell you that.  Just as I was thinking that my sweaty beast of a head could use some dry shampoo, it manifested right before my eyes.  Touche, FlyWheel, Touche.