Hey all! Taking a break from Fashion Friday today.  Instead we’re doing Flashback Friday.  This is one we can ALL participate in.

Spring is JUST around the corner, and I don’t know about you, but I’m really feeling the need to get in gear.  Trust me, I know it’s freezing now – but before you know it it’ll be time for shorts and tank tops.  Prep time, baby! March is usually the month of year where I get really strict on myself regarding nutrition and fitness.  The past week has been tough, though, because I’m trying to get back into the swing of working and being busy after taking some much needed vacation time.  I went back to the gym yesterday for a great Total Body conditioning class, and am also seriously getting to work on studying for my Nutrition & Wellness test (only a few weeks away!), so these two things are a great boost for making me feel motivated and accomplished.

Anyway, for Flashback Friday, we’re alllll going to search for pictures of ourselves in the best shape (remember that summer you did hours of cardio and crunches to look sexy sexy on the beach?) we’ve ever been in to use as inspiration.  I don’t know about you, but my weight and size is always fluctuating.  It’s very minimal and probably only noticeable to myself, but it’s there.  These pictures I found from our previous workout posts are what I’m going to work towards for myself.  The best thing about finding inspiration within yourself is that you know the goal is in reach!!!! Don’t stare at VS Supermodels for inspiration, because the odds are you aren’t going to grow two feet by the time summer rolls around ;) If you’ve never been at your “goal look” and are making this summer your time to shine, then we’ve got some Flashback Workouts to get you in tip-top shape!

Core Crusher Workout

Lower Body Workout

Ballet Body Basics

15 Minute Triceps Workout

15 Minute Chest Workout

15 Minute Shoulder Workout

And the meal plan to complement your workouts!

2 Week Slim Down

Hang in there – warm weather is just around the corner!